How is a foreign payment made through the portal ?


You fill out the easy form on the Payment Order page and confirm the submission. You will immediately receive a transaction receipt via e-mail, where you can see all the details of your foreign payment (exchange rate, currencies, amounts, accounts, etc.).
You'll make the payment via bank transfer to our collection account. Once your payment is credited to our account and verified, you will receive a confirmation by email.

We send the converted currency to the recipient's account. We process the foreign payment on the day it is credited to our account, and no later than the next business day if you make the payment at the end of business hours or after. However, we can also process it immediately. Everything is very fast. Afterwards, you will receive a confirmation of the entire transaction settlement.


What is for?

It serves for foreign payments in CZK/EUR or EUR/CZK for services, goods and transfers between accounts. We assist our clients, for example, with currency conversion when purchasing a used car from abroad, paying for vacations, or when buying furniture and electronics abroad. We are also a great helper if you work or study abroad, invest, or are a passionate collector. Whatever the reason you need to send crowns to a euro account or vice versa, our experienced team is here for you. We will gladly guide you through the transaction and answer all your questions. Because you can rely on us.

Why use the service?

It offers quick and easy money transfer within the eurozone and EEA countries, including the Czech Republic, with no fee to banks supporting SEPA payments. We send euros to foreign accounts directly from international banks, avoiding fees in your own bank. With us you benefit from excellent conversion rates, and you always know upfront how much you will pay. Payment abroad is therefore completely transparent. Above all, we are always cheaper than your bank!

How can I use the service?

Making payments abroad with us is very easy. Simply fill out the form on the Make a payment page , submit it, and follow the instructions on our website. It only takes a few minutes. You can use our service anytime, from anywhere, and it is available 24/7. You can also make euro payments to countries outside EEA. The best part about our work is that we can communicate with you. We look forward to hearing your feedback, new ideas, or sharing your experiences. Do not hesitate to contact us on our helpline: we are always happy to hear from you.